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Like a flower on the canvas with Fleur de Roeck

Introducing Fleur de Roeck, a name to remember in the belgian artistic landscape whose work captivates you at first glance.

Fleur De Roeck is born in Brasschaat in Belgium. She lived in the South of France from 2005 until 2011. Then she studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in Belgium and graduated in 2014. Now she lives and works in Antwerp.

Full of sensitivity, Fleur de Roeck’s paintings and collages embellish reality in a poetic style with a unique set of colors. Once you have entered her creative universe, you get carried away by her magic once and for all.

Soon to be exhibited at Art’Up 2016 Contemporary Artfair in Lille, France, by Galerie Nord from februrary 24 to february 28.

Fleur de Roeck

1. Do you see yourself as an emerging figure of Contemporary Art ?

Fleur de Roeck : The history of art will make this out. It’s true that I’m a very young artist although I’m working already for 20 years so in a way, yes, I’m emerging on the contemporary art scene!  Even though I like to say that I’m not trying to fit in a specific segment of the art scene. My main preoccupation is being in the action of creation: it’s a vital necessity for me just like breathing, eating, sleeping… Being in the action of creating makes me happy and gives me fulfillment.


“Wild’, Acrylic on paper

2. How would you describe your style ?

Fleur de Roeck : I would prefer to describe my style as automatic, intuitive lyric abstract in a constant evolution and search for innovation. This is not excluding the figurative work. The combination and harmony of colors and shapes are important in my work. Colors are really  important to me but it happens that I only use black and white. My work is most of the time optimistic, happy, light, it isn’t sad or depressed work. Even when I’m down, my work is almost never sad. It’s always different because I’m always trying to innovate, to explore new ways, to try different possibilities. So I’m trying a lot of different materials or I try out the different combinations that are possible.


“Ponts”, collage and charcoal on paper

3. What led you to visual arts ?

 Fleur de Roeck : I have always been drawing and painting since I was very young.  There are photos when I was 3 years old when I was already drawing, I also remember a photo of me posing with the giant pencil box from Caran d’Ache I received from my parents. I’ve always been creating and it never stopped. At the age of 18 I had already my first exhibition in Visan, a village in the south of France where I lived from my 13 until 19 years old.  And now I’m still drawing and painting, creating every day. Some things never change!


April 2015, Anvers

4. How do you feed your inspiration ?

Fleur de Roeck : Being creative is the most inspiring for me. When I buy new materials, such as a massive paint brush of glitter paper, they inspire me to try out new combinations as well in color as in shape, different technics etc. When I’m not painting, I like to go the Library of Antwerp. I take out piles of books about art, architecture, photography, nature, ethnics and I spent hours enjoying watching the images. So in a way, I feed myself with these images, I store them in my memory. Music is also very important, it can be very inspiring and bring me in a new mood.

Then of course there is nature: just going for a walk in the park, or even better in the south of France and looking at the colors of plants in the winter can be an inspiration. Doing nothing, a break a pause is also very important. Most of the time after a break I’m in a new mood which stimulates my to work differently.


‘Red dots’, collage on paper

5. Which artists made a deep impression on you ?

Fleur de Roeck : Pierre Alechinsky made a strong impression on me during an exhibition in the south of France when I was 16 years old. And I discovered his work again when I took home a book of him from the library. I really like the way he paint. The subjects, the use of color, the boarders with little stories like in a comic strip. I also really like the titles he gives to his works. It’s also very spiritual. I’m really in love with Alechinsky!

Per Kirkeby is also a painter I really love. When I first discovered his work, it was 3 years ago at the Bozar in Brussel. I discovered him actually by accident: we were there with school and we were going to another photograpy exhibition also in the Bozar. But I didn’t like the images of that exhibition in the flyer, so I convinced a few other classmates to go to the other exhibition that was there in the meanwhile. And that was Per Kirkeby’s exhibition. I was impressed by the massive formats he uses, and the wild way of painting and using colors. It’s so vibrant and energetic work.  Landscapes, where you could really ‘walk’ in. It’s very very cool.

Compoition, acrylic and chalk on laid paper

Compoition, acrylic and chalk on laid paper

6. What’s your relationship with color ?

Fleur de Roeck :  I love color! When I paint, I like making my colors myself. Sometimes it can take me more then 30 minutes to mix the perfect tone of blue, but I really really enjoy to do that. It makes me instantly happy to try out new color combinations, to see how colors work together, or don’t. I can really be amazed if I see a color combination in the city or in the nature that I never could be thinking about. It’s also without limits, the possibilities with color are infinite! Funny, my surname when I was at primary school was ‘Fleur-Kleur’, what means ‘Fleur-Color’.



7. What kind of materials do you usually use for your creations ?

 Fleur de Roeck : I usually use acrylic paint, cray, collage, charcoal, pencil, chinese ink, ecoline on paper but recently I also started to work on very big formats on canvas. I love to work with collage techniques, I am always collecting interesting pieces of paper everywhere I go. For my 3D works I use recycled and found objects such as stones, wood, branches, plastic, mixed with semiprecious and perles.

'Allongé sur Escalier', acrylic on canvas

‘Allongé sur Escalier’, acrylic on canvas

8. You’re work is not very far from Kandinsky’s or Malevitch’s : could we talk about a russian avant-garde influence ?

Fleur de Roeck : It is true that my work is most of the time very abstract as their work is.  But it’s really very different from Kandinsky’s or Malevich’s work.  My work isn’t so rigid and geometrical. I believe my work is more lyrical abstract then geometrical abstract. It’s more spontaneous, it is not as tight.

9. Can we say that your work is shaped by its relation with Nature ?

 Fleur de Roeck : Yes it is. Nature is very inspiring for me. The shapes, the shades and tones you’ll find in nature are endless. It’s a massive inspiration. And you will probably recognize elements of nature in my work.


‘Lumières d’hiver’, acrylic on canvas

10. What is your vision of painting these days ?

Fleur de Roeck : I think painting will always exist even with all the modern techniques and conceptual art. People have always been painting and I think they will never stop. Everybody has his own personal way to paint so I believe there would be always new kinds of paintings. I think, today, painting is still living and will never die.


During her solo exhibition @ ‘Ladodo Design’ in Milan, july 2015

11. Are there any values that you want to transmit through your work ?

Fleur de Roeck : Spirituality, happiness, joy, moments of contemplation, amazement, a wow-effect, a feeling good effect.



12. What are your future plans ?

Fleur de Roeck : Continue to explore and going further in my progress. My future plan is to have more exhibitions in galleries. I want my work been seen! It would be cool in different countries. I would like also to work together with other artists and try out new things such as textile and print design, making clothes, pottery, making big sculptures (in stronger materials then I’m using now), making decors. So if you want to collaborate, don’t hesitate to contact me !


More about Fleur de

Exhibitions :
2010: Maison Pélissier, Visan, France – solo exhibition
2014: Art Space at Cinema Cartoon’s, Antwerp, Belgium – solo exhibition
2015: Gallery Hispantics, Antwerp, Belgium – sales point
2015: Maison Tartine, Antwerp, Belgium – solo exhibiton (July – December)
2015: Ladodo Design Gallery, Milano, Italy – solo exhibition (July – September)
2015: September.Lokaal, Borgerhout, Belgium – installation (November)
2016: Galerie Nord, Lille, France – group and solo exhibition (February)


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