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Mikko Lagerstedt, the Emerging into Light

Contemporary artist Mikko Lagerstedt is an award winning fine art photographer from Finland whose enchanting photo series highlight some of Finland’s extraordinary landscapes. Mikko Lagerstedt is a 31-year-old self-taught photographer, who began taking his craft in 2008. He lives in Kerava just 18 miles from Helsinki. Capturing simplistic Finnish landscapes and fleeting moments, he strives to use his atmospheric vision to inspire people. His surreal and unique work manages to bring an absolutely breathtaking aesthetic that depicts the mystical and sweeping splendor of the Finnish countryside while capturing the emotion of the moment. His photography has been featured around the world in book covers, magazines and in advertisements. 1. Do you consider yourself as a figure of contemporary photography ? Mikko Lagerstedt : Not really, I feel that I’m just a photographer creating work that inspires me. 2. How would you describe your style ? Mikko Lagerstedt : Atmospheric landscape photography. A surreal look at how the World looks through my eyes. 3. What led you to photography ? Mikko Lagerstedt : My first inspiration towards photography came …

In Masao Yamamoto’s shadow

Masao Yamamoto born 1957 in Gamagori City in Aichi Prefecture, in Japan, is a photographer known for his small photographs, which seek to individualize the photographic prints as objects. Masao Yamamoto began his art studies as a painter, studying oil painting under Goro Saito in his native city. He presently uses photography to capture images evoking memories. He blurs the border between painting and photography by experimenting with his printing surfaces. With his subjects including still-lives, nudes, and landscapes, Masao Yamamoto’s minimalist photography takes a poetic dimension that transcends nature with a subtle game of light and shadows.