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Head-turning turbans with Donia Allègue

Immersed in an international environment at a very young age and after spending her childhood in various parts of the world, which gave her a boundless open-mindedness, Donia Allègue moved to Paris to enrol at the Lycée Saint Louis de Gonzague and later at ESCP Europe. Even within the framework of this very general education, she intuited early that her future career would laiy in fashion, therefore she specialized in luxury goods. After graduation in 2006, she learned the ropes of her trade with Fendi, YSL and Dior but she instinctively knew that her entrepreneur spirit would eventually take over and that one day she would set up her own company. In February 2011, she had a revelation when visiting an apartment in Paris with her mother. The lady who owned the place was wearing a very elegant turban. This was quite an illumination and she saw the turban as the absolute fashion accessory. After some research and a market study, Donia Allègue realized that there was no Parisian turban house on the market. With the support of her …

Photographs of botanical gardens that look like oil paintings by Samuel Zeller

In his series Botanical, Swiss photographer and designer Samuel Zeller presents a modern photographic take on classical botanical illustrations produced between the 18th century and early 20th century. Reflecting the heritage of an architectural period and the years of botanical research, Zeller’s series combines these two fascinating subjects into one. Before moving into photography Samuel studied Graphic Design & Interactive Media Design at the CFPAA in Geneva. He has also worked in various design agencies creating retail spaces, editorial design and 3D visualisations for international brands. Zeller uses photography as a means of expressing emotion, a less constrained language of communication. Botanical pays homage to an architectural period, while celebrating botanical research through a collection of beautiful photographs, as a tribute to hand drawn illustrations of the past, opting for a modern digital photography technique to inspire this antique feeling. More info on

La mode surréaliste de Gareth Pugh

“L’ambiance mauve grisée et la lumière plombée évoquent la tristesse et le chagrin“ Cherchant à marier inlassablement l’art et la mode, Gareth Pugh est un poète des temps modernes qui se sert des matières pour partager sa vision du monde. Un monde gothique, semi-apocalyptique, surréaliste où ce sont les ensembles qui animent les modèles. Les modèles surgissent du néant pour prendre vie et s’illuminer sous les feux des projecteurs.  On assiste à une résurrection des corps ou devrais-je dire des modèles pour donner vie aux pièces de couture. Gareth Pugh me surprend toujours par sa capacité à trouver l’inspiration dans des sujets aussi inquiètants qu’époustouflants. Prêt à casser les limites des codes qu’on a l’habitude de voir chez les créateurs d’aujourd’hui, Gareth Pugh insiste sur l’aspect androgyne de ses modèles pour mettre davantage en valeur les pièces : héros gothiques, couleurs de plomb, terreuses voire demi-deuil, cascades de crêpe et de mousseline, couronnes de plumes d’oie en éventail… Le tout est orchestré par Matthew Stone qui remixe le thème majeur du film Requiem for a …