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In Masao Yamamoto’s shadow

Masao Yamamoto born 1957 in Gamagori City in Aichi Prefecture, in Japan, is a photographer known for his small photographs, which seek to individualize the photographic prints as objects. Masao Yamamoto began his art studies as a painter, studying oil painting under Goro Saito in his native city. He presently uses photography to capture images evoking memories. He blurs the border between painting and photography by experimenting with his printing surfaces. With his subjects including still-lives, nudes, and landscapes, Masao Yamamoto’s minimalist photography takes a poetic dimension that transcends nature with a subtle game of light and shadows.

Junichi Hakoyama , between shadow and light

Japanese photographer Junichi Hakoyama explores the city’s geometrical lines through a subtle display of light and shadows. This high-contrast black and white architectural imagery seems inspired by film noir atmosphere : depth and intrigue through dark images with just one dark figure denoting a dramatic scene. Junichi Hakoyama seems to find beauty in this minimalist darkness. A simple crossing becomes an artful masterpiece, a seemingly boring staircase is transformed into a sculptural form. Light and shadows are the only companion of this solitary silhouette who looks like a moving scultpure walking somewhere in the frame. More about Junichi Hakoyama :