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The dreamlife of Oleg Oprisco

Born in the small city of Lviv in western Ukraine, photographer Oleg Oprisсo started working as an operator at a photo lab. At the age of 19, he moved to Kiev, where he began his career as a photographer. Oleg Oprisсo is known for his beautiful and fantasy stagging inspired by everyday life in its most peaceful moments. With a highly imaginative approach, much of Oleg Oprisco’s work seems as if you’re living in a fairytale yet somehow everything feels real. Delicate observer of the surrounding world, Oleg Oprisco is like an architect of light who manages to create a poetic and magical atmosphere on everyday life where time is supsended. As a worthy successor of great masters of fashion and conceptual photography, Oleg Oprisco uses his camera as a magic wand that allow to look across the borders that separate reality and fiction. 1. Do you see yourself as a Figure of Photography ? Oleg Oprisco : Of course because my working basis is photography and my main instrument is a camera. 2. How would …

The splendour and misery of Havana by Michael Eastman

In his collection “Havana”, photographer Michael Eastman dives into the past splendor of Cuba’s capital that seem to be almost forgotten by the world. Endowed with a poetic look, Michael Eastman explores the crumbling interiors and exteriors of Havana with a touch of melancholy, adding vivid colors to create a magical and dream-like atmosphere. These colored photographs capture contemporary cuban spirit through suggestions of every day life. Decrepit buildings hide refined interiors still beautifully furnished. It gives the impression of being in the american drama movie “The Lost City” directed by Andy Garcia in 2005 with Inès Sastre and Bill Murray. This haunting homage to Havana provides an overview on the faded glory of the city. Through Michael Eastman’s explorations of architectural cuban form, this mysterious narrative about time and place is an admirable tribute to Havana. More about Michael Eastman :

Samuel Zeller, witness of the present time

Having studied Graphic Design & Interactive media design at the CFPAA in Geneva, Samuel’s passion for photography became an area where he could find beauty in even the coldest environments. Samuel Zeller is a young and talented self taught photographer, visual designer and 3D artist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Before moving into photography Samuel worked in various design agencies creating retail spaces, editorial design and 3D visualisations for international brands. Samuel Zeller uses photography as a means of expressing emotion, a less constrained language of communication. 1. Do you see yourself as a Figure of Photography ? Samuel Zeller : No, not at all. I’m still learning a lot every day, I’ve got a long road ahead. And I think I wouldn’t want to be a “figure” because I don’t like this word, I prefer to say that I can inspire a few people, but I want to stay humble. Recently Fujifilm contacted me to become one of their ambassadors (so called Fujifilm X-photographers) for Switzerland. I’m really happy to be able to represent this …

Colorful aesthetics with Cru Camara

Cru Camara is a Filipino photographer born in 1994 and currently studying at School of Visual Arts in New York. Her early childhood was divided between Manila and her parents’ farm in the province where she spent her time wandering through the natural landscape. She started taking photographs in high school, following the end of her decade-long studies in classical music. Cru Camara’s work gives the chance to wonder what the story behind each photograph is. Her work leaves quite a lot to the imagination as very little elements are used to create each piece. Camara has a collection of unique photographs that capture the eye’s instantly with their fresh aesthetics that look like paintings. Her style utilizes colour and delicate clarity to produce pieces that will stand the test of time. She shoots stunning minimalist visuals, especially floral series where she plays with inversed colors and colorful neon lights. She’s very attracted to the idea of directly translating things from the real world into something that’s closer to her own expression of it. Cru Cama …

Photographs of botanical gardens that look like oil paintings by Samuel Zeller

In his series Botanical, Swiss photographer and designer Samuel Zeller presents a modern photographic take on classical botanical illustrations produced between the 18th century and early 20th century. Reflecting the heritage of an architectural period and the years of botanical research, Zeller’s series combines these two fascinating subjects into one. Before moving into photography Samuel studied Graphic Design & Interactive Media Design at the CFPAA in Geneva. He has also worked in various design agencies creating retail spaces, editorial design and 3D visualisations for international brands. Zeller uses photography as a means of expressing emotion, a less constrained language of communication. Botanical pays homage to an architectural period, while celebrating botanical research through a collection of beautiful photographs, as a tribute to hand drawn illustrations of the past, opting for a modern digital photography technique to inspire this antique feeling. More info on

Sculptural beauty with Nikolay Biryukov

Russian-born fashion photographer Nikolay Biryukov is currently based in London. He works between London, Moscow, Paris and Milan shooting mainly fashion stories for a range of international magazines. Recent work includes editorials for magazines such as Elle, Interview Russia, Glamour, Tatler, L’Officiel, SCMP, Stylist UK, SNC, and many others. Here a selection of pictures on the theme of sculpture. More info on