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Ulyana Sergeenko, the Tsar’s Bride

Halfway between East and West, Yuliana Sergeenko symbolizes this russian generation proud to highlight their roots, the richness of their History, and this specific and subtle duet between the attachment to the slavonic values and an aspiration to the european codes.


PORTRAITAt the same time designer, photographer, blogger, and ocasionally model, Yuliana Sergeenko doll-like unique beauty just taken from a nineteen century russian novel endowed with a hollywood post-war touch of glamour is a perfect blend between a Tolstoï and a Mankiewicz heroin.

paris-fwaw2013-ulyana-sergeenkoAfter finishing her studies of Philology in Saint Petersburg, she started working as a photographer for several fashion magazines. Married to russian insurance billionaire Danil Khachaturov, mother of two children, she recently started her own fashion brand full with her spirit and love for fine fabrics and russian craftmanship.


480672_496628407063791_2103257900_nMove away from the perception of Russian women as eager consumers craving for luxury brands, she proves that tastes, aspirations and motivations have changed for moscow elite who wishes to put Russia on the fashion forefront. Yuliana Sergeenko puts forward russian women appeals for a classic, feminine and coquettish cups, shapes and patterns, bringing out a new image of the woman in Russia.

showparis2012Kamel-Lahmadi-styleandthecity.com_Yuliana Sergeenko has managed to create a strong brand image bound with Russian crafts, a fantastic world of embroideries, bead-works, lovely florals, delicate tule, hand-made laces and knits.



Her style is strongly influenced by her childhood and all its memories: old Soviet cartoons, small towns in Kazakhstan and Russia, family traditions, the way her babushka looked, wearing printed cotton dresses worn with hand-knitted sweaters or cardigans and heels.


Ulyana-Sergeenko-SS-2012-5-e1336530985172And cinema also prevails: her inspirations are found in italian movies with Visconti and Fellini, but moslty in russian cinema with Mikhalkhov, Kalatozov, Khuziev or Gerasimov.



553105_392863220773644_1189812698_nHaving explored her russian roots at her debut, her spring 2013 couture collection is inspired by the famous american novel “Gone With The Wind” making a real homage to old America. But this collection is all the same endowed with a touch of folkish and traditional.

05collectionprintempsete20121Envision a Russian Scarlett O’Hara walking out of childhood stories like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Wizard of Oz or Little Red Riding Hood, Yuliana Sergeenko makes us feel we are living in a fantasy world where fairy tales can become true.

fw8Russia has found in Yuliana Sergeenko the perfect ambassador to put forward its historic and artistic values worthy of the russian empire.


393949_411270552266244_45909010_nMixing slavonic heritage with european influences, dramatising fashion with exceptional pieces, she consecrates a new image of the current russian woman.


Ulyana+Sergeenko+Spring+2013+Details+lOrFXSgyWmel1More about Ulyana Sergeenko : ulyanasergeenko.com

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