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Beyond the visible with Luis Beltràn

Hailing from Valencia in Spain, contemporary photographer Luis Beltràn may be regarded as a storyteller who uses photography to set his mind free from everyday life. Through his pictures, Luis Beltrán talks about loneliness and mystery, suspended between reality and imagination and dedicates his work « to those who daydream, who live in fantasy worlds and don’t want to wake up ».

Although not entirely fantastical, his images have been retouched to make each setting slightly unreal, giving it a sense of the impossible while firmly keeping one foot in reality.

Luis Beltran is represented by Agora Gallery in New York, Blanca Berlin in Madrid, Artloveyou in Barcelona, Mediadvanced in Gijón and Galería O+O in Valencia. His work has been published in such magazines as Ex Magazine and Art Notes.


1. Do you consider yourself as a figure of contemporary photography ?

Luis Beltràn : As long as I can remember, the pursuit of creativity and talent always fascinated me. One day, I discovered that I could express myself through photography. It allows me to show people how the world appears through my eyes and to tell stories that I think are worthy of sharing. I see myself as not just a photographer, but as someone with a vivid imagination that uses photography to capture my dreams and render them eternal.

2. How would you describe your style ?

Luis Beltràn : I’ve always believed simplicity is the best way to convey emotions and this belief I strive to apply to each of my works. There is beauty in simplicity, and this beauty is able to connect with us. I like to create dreamlike scenes where human beings interact with nature, looking for its essence.

3. What about your experience ?

Luis Beltràn : My first contact with photography was more than 20 years ago. I started with an old camera borrowed from a friend. To me, the darkroom is a magical place to develop photographs and I suggest to photography, enthusiasts to try this experience. Later on, digital photography opened me a world of infinite creative possibilities that allowed me realise ideas that were not possible before. Photography changed my way of seeing the world and helped me find a meaning in my life.


4. Your work is transfigured by a poetic and fantastic vision…

Luis Beltràn : I like to explore human feelings in my photography, for example, loneliness or sadness. I find my own feelings to be inexhaustible source of inspiration, so I never hesitate to use introspection as a means of fuelling my creativity. I feel comfortable travelling to a fantastic world where everything is simple but at the same time is beautiful and eternal.

5. Do you express the hope to transform the world in a particular way ?

Luis Beltràn : I don’t expect to change the world with my photography, although I wish I could. When I’m creating, I do it for myself just because I feel that way. I take great pleasure when people connect meaningfully with my artwork, so in this sense I do hope to transform the world, even if it is simply one person at a time, making their day a little better.

6. Are you influenced by Painting ?

Luis Beltràn : Painting is a discipline I admire due to its ability to recreate a fantasy world that evoke in me an infinity of feelings. I am probably influenced by some artists because of the colour and style of their work.

7. Which photographers have an impact on your work ?

Luis Beltràn : There are countless good photographers whom I admire, most of them with an amazing talent. Some are not really well known but are nonetheless fantastic artists. I think every time I contemplate a good photo there is something that remains inside of me and influences my work. I like so many authors with different style but if I should highlight one, it would be Eugenio Recuenco. He inspires to me to demand even more from myself, to create even better photographs.

8. Are you fascinated by the children’s world ?

Luis Beltràn : I recall with nostalgia moments in my childhood where I can create free from the boundaries of the adult world. I like to think back to the years when I was a child and live again those past moments full only of happiness and inner peace.

9. What’s your relation with nature ?

Luis Beltràn : I like to escape the city to places where I can meditate and find, inside of me, feelings that we let slowly die while we are growing older. That only can happen when nature surrounds me. It is with nature that I feel at peace with myself.

10. What about the future ?

Luis Beltràn : Fashion and advertising photography, my main occupation for the past four years, it’s a demanding career that requires a lot of time. At present, it doesn’t really allow me to work on my personal work. I would like to carry out some projects in the future, although so far they are just some ideas that need to take shape… My head needs to dream again…

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  1. Fantastic images. They seem more like paintings than photography to me. I don’t think I ever really “got” digital photography as “art” till now, nor seen the creative possibilities that could draw me to the medium. But I’d much rather just look and dream and see what rises when viewing these.


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